The three separate age-appropriately equipped campuses have a full range of comprehensive facilities and amenities to help provide an up-to-date and excellent all-round international education.

All campuses have air-conditioned, well-appointed classrooms, supplementary specialist teaching spaces, and resource rich learning study centres. These are supported by interactive whiteboards and/or projectors in every teaching area supplemented by individual access to state-of-the-art portable ICT equipment for pupils in all age groups.

Early Years Campus (SS2)

• A dedicated ICT suite
• A soft-play/activities room
• A library
• An outdoor grass field with a football pitch and climbing equipment
• A shaded play area with climbing frames and play equipment
• A small teaching pool
• A small gym
• An indoor assembly room
• A canteen
• A parents’ room

Primary Campus (SS1)

• A large astro-turf football pitch
• Two distinct play areas with climbing and play equipment
• A 25 meter pool
• A large theatre
• An indoor sports gym
• Three ICT suites
• A library
• A canteen
• A parents’ room
• Two music rooms

Secondary Campus (SS3)

• A 4G football pitch
• A large indoor gymnasium housing two full size basketball courts, seating and a viewing gallery
• A 25 meter swimming pool
• A fitness gym with weights and fitness machines
• A food technology room
• Two Art workshops
• A Design Technology Workshop
• A Design Suite
• Three ICT rooms
• Two full size music rooms, 6 music practice rooms and a recording studio
• A Key Stage 5 study room
• A library
• A 400 seater theatre
• A 100 seater multi-purpose auditorium


Security arrangements

We have 24 hour security staff at all campuses. All parents are issued with photographic security passes to enable them to collect their children. Students collected from the various campuses are monitored by the security staff to ascertain that the person collecting them is the authorised person entrusted with this task and if not then they must produce the photographic security pass or their identity checked with the parents/guardians. Students must follow strict safety rules on buses which are supervised by an adult bus monitor.

During the school day the school gates are kept shut and anyone wishing to enter the premises has to ask for admittance from the security guards. All adult visitors are required to wear special identification passes at all times when visiting any of our campuses.

Students are never allowed to leave any of our campuses during school hours unless they are under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian or teacher. The school accepts no responsibility for students who leave any of our campuses without prior authorisation from management. This applies to the time during the normal school day and afterwards during clubs.