At The ABC International School, we are fortunate to have a separate campus for Foundation Stage and Early Primary and this allows us to focus our attention more effectively to work with the children in an environment which is directly suited to the curriculum and to their needs.
Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards which are required to ensure that all children learn and develop to the best of their ability and are kept healthy, happy, safe and secure. Our EYFS curriculum promotes teaching and learning in such a way as to ensure ‘school readiness’ by providing a broad range of knowledge and skills that lay the right foundation for excellent future progress and learning of all of our children.

In Early Primary (Key Stage 1) we cover all areas of study from the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Year 1 provides a ‘continuous provision’ for children who have come from the Foundation Stage. This means that they are comfortable in an environment that is similar to the one that they have been used to and helps their transition into the Key Stage. In Year 2, the children expand upon the concepts introduced in the previous year and successfully acquire the personal and educational skills needed for the move to Upper Primary. When everything is combined children have a broad and balanced curriculum to develop their learning well into the future.

Mr. Kevin Reay
Head of Early Years