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The Parents’ Advisory Group (PAG) is a group of parents who meet with senior management members on a number of occasions each year. Our PAG parents represent the children of all areas of the school, from Pre-Nursery to Year 13. At least one teacher from each part of the school is also a member of the group.

The PAG has a number of purposes: for parents to offer constructive and positive suggestions for school improvement, to assist the school in the hosting of key events such as International Family Day and as a means by which information about school policy, ethos, aims and rational for these can be passed on to all parents.

If you as parents have any positive suggestions for improving any area of our school you can contact us at parentvoice@theabcis.com
(please note that the gmail account we used to use for this purpose is no longer active)


PAG’s Minutes

Document’s name (PDF)
16/04/2019 April 2019 Minutes
19/02/2019 February 2019 Minutes
27/11/2018 November 2018 Minutes