Our English as  an additional language (EAL) program is offered from Year 1 to Year 9. Generally children are admitted to the school following an interview to determine not only their English language ability, but also their ability in Mathematics and other curriculum areas dependent on their age group. Exceptions to this may be made by the school management to limit the numbers in certain year groups and ensure the quality of teaching is maintained throughout each class. As a rule, we look at what the child can do, rather than what he/she cannot do and promise to improve the education of every child admitted. As students enter Key Stage 2 and the Senior School the need to access the curriculum becomes of paramount importance. Therefore a good knowledge of the English Language is required and the admissions test becomes more complex.

All the lessons in our school take into consideration that our students often have English as a second or third language. Therefore the majority of our teachers have undergone special training to be able to teach and provide additional support to students who may need differentiated work.

Students in Year 10 and above are expected to already have a high level of English as the curriculum at this age is very complex.

We also have an EAL Presentation for parents, which includes a Korean and a Vietnamese version below: