Homework is to be recorded in the student diary/organiser, which is provided to each student upon entry to our school. Each student must bring this diary to school every day.
Homework must be completed conscientiously and to the best of the students’ ability. Homework must be submitted on time, or a valid written excuse from a parent/guardian provided if this is not the case. Parents are asked to check their child’s homework each night to ensure it is completed. Where homework has not been done/completed by Secondary students, the student must seek out the relevant teacher as early as possible (i.e. before 8.30 or at morning break) on the day it is due to be handed in. If this happens in Primary, parents should provide a note in their school diary (Year 1-3) or inform their teacher at registration (Year 4-6). No excuses are accepted if this rule is not followed. Non-submissions of homework are recorded by staff and may lead to disciplinary action.
Students may bring home course textbooks to help them complete homework. If any of these books are damaged or lost, parents are asked to supply the cost to purchase a new copy.
Students are usually given several nights to complete homework tasks.

All teachers give set amounts of homework each week:

Year 1 – approximately 1 hour per week (plus daily reading)

Year 2 – approximately 2 hours per week plus daily reading)

Year 3 – approximately 3 hours per week (plus daily reading)

Year 4 – approximately 3 hours per week (plus daily reading)

Year 5 – approximately 4 hours per week (plus daily reading)

Year 6 -approximately 1 hour per night (plus 20minutes reading)

Year 7-approximately 1-1.5 hours per night (plus 20 minutes reading)

Year 8-approximately 1.5 hours per night (plus 20 minutes reading)

Year 9-approximately 1.5-2 hours per night

Year 10/11- approximately 2-2.5hours per night

Year 12/13 – depending on task

Students should not be exceeding these timings on a regular basis, although special events or competitions may be in addition to the above.

Communication with parents/guardians

  • Parents/guardians are welcome to talk to teachers before or after school hours about relevant educational issues. If longer discussions are required, parents/guardians are asked to arrange a specific appointment time.
  • Parents/guardians of a student are welcome to communicate any concerns or comments they may have through the student diary/organiser.
  • Twice yearly parent-teacher meetings take place each academic year.
  • These meetings are a time to for parents/guardians to meet teachers and discuss students’ academic progress or other issues.
  • Progress reports are sent out twice per year.