Key Stage 4 is a natural continuation of education from Key Stage 3.

At the age of 14, students start to study for the Cambridge and AQA International Examinations called the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

These are two year courses specific to each subject and culminating in a final examination at age 16. Students generally study 10 different subjects in total, which includes Mathematics, English Language, a science, a foreign language and either ICT or Computer Science.

At this stage there is an element of selection as students take the compulsory subjects along with a selection of others. This allows students to tailor their curriculum to the needs of the individual and their aspirations.

IGCSEs are a great foundation for AS and A levels in Year 12 and 13, which in turn will enable them to gain entrance to universities across the world, more specifically the UK, USA, Germany, Korea, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong or Singapore for students from ABCIS.

Students may also start to undertake the International (Duke of Edinburgh) Award to ensure their commitment to the community and extra-curricular activities.

IGCSE Option booklet