At The ABCIS students and staff belong to one of four houses, named after famous Vietnamese provinces or cities twinned with dynamic creatures that embody competitive spirit and resilience.

The four houses are: The Dalat Dragons, The Hanoi Hornets, The Mekong Monsters and The Saigon Serpents.

The houses compete against each other by accumulating house points throughout the school year during frequent competitions, and helped by individual student effort and achievement in lessons. The greatest total at the end of the academic year wins. This encourages a healthy sense of competition and team work.

Students are awarded house points in lessons by demonstrating the core values of The ABCIS: Achieving, Belonging and Caring. They receive a certificate for every 50 points they achieve, presented by their form tutor. Exceptional students are recognised on a year group and whole school level. A display board shows the current totals for individual students and their house total so that they can keep track of their progress.

All students have the opportunity to take part in school wide events such as Sports Day and House Afternoon. In many of the activities, students of all ages work together to achieve victory. Staff are also encouraged to join in some of the games, adding to the feeling of a school community and a real sense of belonging.

In secondary school the weekly events are run by the student House Captains and include quizzes, sports games and fun challenges. Points won by students in these events go to both their individual and house totals. Recent competitions have included Football Penalty Shoot Out, Draw A Teacher, and Chopstick Challenge.

This year, each house is responsible for fundraising for a local charity. The Dalat Dragons are raising money for The Children’s Hospital, the Hanoi Hornets are raising money for Little Feathers, the Mekong Monsters are raising money for the Street Child School and the Saigon Serpents are raising money for Maison Chance. Students are encouraged to care for not only themselves but also the local community through fundraising activities such as bake sales and competitions.

At the end of the 2018/19 school year the Saigon Serpents lifted the House Trophy. However, it is always a close competition and this year any one of the four houses could emerge victorious.