International Examination Results 2021

Our highlights 2021-these exam results place us among South East Asia’s strongest international schools and also among the world’s strongest international schools

2021 International Examinations Results

IGCSE Results 2016 – 2020

A Level (A2) Results 2016-2020

Quotes about our academic standards made by UK inspectors during the 2020 inspection:

‘Achievement in exams place them among the best schools internationally’

‘The ABC International School provides an outstanding quality of education for pupils from ages 2 to 18 years’

‘In the Primary classes children make outstanding progress and reach standards in Reading and Writing that are above those typically found in England’

‘The quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the school is outstanding’

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

Our 16 year old (Year 11) students sit the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), or IGCSE exams. These are the most popular and prestigious exams for this age group offered in international schools throughout the World. We are very proud that for many years IGCSE results at the ABCIS in the majority of subject areas have been far above UK and international school performance averages and are among the highest of any international school in the world. Consequently we now measure our performance against the best international schools in the world.
Number of Exams491269370626368
% A*-C98%98%97%96%95%
% A*-B91%91%86%87%84%
% A*-A70%72%64%71%67%
% A*44%35%31%45%40%
IGCSE Highlights 2020
  • The percentage of grade awards overall which were either A*/A was 70%, far exceeding the UK schools average, and significantly above international school federation averages
  • Our IGCSE 3 year A*/A average (2018-2020) is 72% , which places us among the top international schools worldwide
  • Performances in nearly all individual subject areas also far exceed UK and international school averages

A LEVEL EXAMINATIONS (Years 12 and 13)

A Level exams are sat by students aged 16-18 and provide qualifications which allow our students access to the best universities worldwide. ABCIS students consistently outperform UK schools across the vast majority of subject areas. Our A Level results allow ABCIS students to access high quality universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and elsewhere worldwide.
A2 Results
AS Results  (The highest grade awarded at AS level is an A)
Number of Exams11215910013974
Number of Exams110128176150196
% A-E100%97%97%97%90%
% A-C99%81%84%77%63%
% A-B89%70%73%60%50%
% A65%47%56%45%33%

We carefully analyse the performance of each student several times a year and intervene to set individual targets on a regular basis. To allow us to do this we use internal examination data alongside external examination results and international examination grades. Analysis shows students meet or exceed targets and expectations over the long term and there is exceptional progress for many individuals and in many subject areas.