For School Year 2024 – 2025
* Please note this Schedule of Fees may change without prior notice dependent on currency exchange fluctuations
Uniforms Lunch Insurance
Pre-Nursery-Nursery 5 sets of uniform (3 sets for half day),1 cap, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, 1 folder Yes Yes
Reception – Year 2 5 sets of uniform, 1 cap, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, 1 folder, 1 swimming costume, 1 swimming bag, 1 set of PE Yes Yes
Year 3 – Year 6 5 sets of uniform, 1 cap, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, 1 swimming costume, 1 swimming bag, 1 set of PE Yes Yes
Year 7 – Year 9 4 sets of uniform, 1 cap, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, 1 swimming costume, 1 swimming bag, 2 sets of PE N/A Yes
Year 10 – Year 11 4 sets of uniform, 1 cap, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, *1 swimming costume, *1 swimming bag, *2 sets of PE     (* if applicable) N/A Yes
Year 12 – Year 13 Fabric for approximately 5 skirts or trousers, 1 cardigan, 1 house T-shirt, 2 sets of PE N/A Yes
Registration Fee

The Registration Fee is non-refundable and is payable when an offer of a place is made by the School Management. Payment of the registration fee assures the student of a place at our school. The Registration Fee is paid once only, but is upgraded throughout the student’s time at the school. Those students moving to a higher year group will need to make up the difference in registration fee over the years. For example, when a child moves from Nursery into Reception, an extra 9,500,000VND must be paid (24,000,000VND – 14,500,000VND = 9,500,000VND).

Payment of tuition fees
Tuition fees can be paid either annually or by instalment. Where payment is made annually in one lump sum, it works out to be approximately 10% cheaper than paying in instalments. To qualify for this reduction in costs, the annual lump sum payment must be made on or before 1st August 2024.
Any late payment of fees will, after 15 working days attract an additional penalty surcharge of 5% which will be added to the outstanding balance.
Tuition fee payment dates are as follows:
First instalment – On or before 1st August 2024 (All initial payments must to be made by the due date to secure your child’s place at the school at the start of the new academic year)
Second instalment – On or before 6th November 2024
Third instalment – On or before 5th March 2025
Instalments must be paid on time to ensure a student’s continued registration at our school.
The tuition fees are exclusive of school residential trips and visits, instrumental lessons and school buses.
Non-Payment of Fees – In the event of non-payment of Tuition Fees the school has the right to refuse to accept the pupil into school.
Discounts on tuition fees

1. Sibling Discount: We offer a discount of 15% off tuition fees for the second, third or fourth child enrolled at our school from the same family.

2. Loyalty Discount: For those families who do not qualify for a sibling discount, we offer a discount of 5% off tuition fees for students who have been enrolled at the school for at least three consecutive full academic years.
* Please note* No individual pupil may receive a discount in excess of 15% (Scholarship winners are the only exception)
Examination Fees for IGCSE, AS and A Levels
Exam fee is payable by students who are taking the public examination offered by the Cambridge International Examinations Board and Oxford AQA. An invoice will be issued to students around October or November. The charges are as follows: IGCSE 4,800,000VND per subject, AS and A2 Exams 5,500,000VND per subject.
Exam fees are non-refundable. The School reserves the right to apply additional charges for the specialist materials used in practical subjects where such items are not used in the normal curriculum. (Eg. Large-scale development of exhibition photographs for Art; or, of construction materials for large-scale D.T. projects).
Responsibility for payment of tuition fees

A child is considered to be a registered student at The ABC International School only when full payment of either the annual fee or an instalment has been made. Parents/guardians of students are responsible for ensuring payment is made in good time to ensure such registration. The school will not communicate with any company or business regarding outstanding school fees which have not been paid on behalf of the children of employees

Refund policy on the withdrawal of a student’s registration

Tuition fee refund in the event of student withdrawal

To be eligible for a tuition fee refund, notice of withdrawal of a student from the school must be sent by the parents/guardians by the
dates given below:

Departure DayNotice of withdrawal of the studentAmount of annual tuition fee refunded
November 6th, 2024On or before September 5th, 2024Annual Fee minus 1 instalment
March 5th, 2025On or before November 22nd, 2024Annual Fee minus 2 instalments
Any time after March 5th, 2025N/AN/A

There is no refund for any part of a single paid fee term instalment.

Deposit refund

A notice of withdrawal of a student from school by the parents/guardians must be sent to school by these dates:

Departure DayDate to notice school beforeDate to refund
November 6th, 2024On or before September 5th, 2024November 6th, 2024
March 5th, 2025On or before November 22nd, 2024March 5th, 2025
June 27th, 2024On or before March 5th, 2025June 27th, 2025
Refundable deposit

A payment of 22,000,000 VND per child is required as a Deposit when the child joins the school and/or at the annual renewal of an instalment payment plan. This deposit is only applied for primary & secondary students and this will be refunded when the child leaves the school if 90 days written notice has been given to the school by the parent/legal guardian. If parents do not submit written notice to the school 90 days before the student’s last school day then the school has no obligation to return the deposit. When a child moves from the Foundation Stage to the Primary school the Refundable Deposit will be payable.