House Teams

The ABCIS House system consists of four Houses and all Early Years Students are members of one. The House system’s primary function on the Early Years Campus is to allow the children to develop socially through positive communication and teamwork.

These houses compete with each other in regular events during the course of the school year, allowing our young children to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Homework Policy

Learning resources are provided on a weekly basis on Google Classroom for parents to access in order to help support their child’s learning at home. There are always a wide range of resources available for parents including songs and videos which makes the learning interactive and fun for the children in all the year groups. All Early Years Students receive a library book to read at home with their parents which is changed weekly. In Reception, the children also have access to Bug Club which is an online literacy program designed to support the effective and engaging teaching of reading for young children.

Parents are encouraged to read with their child at least once a week and then record how they performed in their Reading Records. Homework is only set towards the end of Reception when the children are capable to complete it independently and to prepare them for Year 1.

What to bring to School

The Early Years Students need to bring their Home/School Books everyday to school. This is used primarily as a communication tool for parents and teachers. It should be checked on a daily basis by both parties and any comments should be read and replied to. This is a very valuable method of communication as it enables teachers to respond to parent enquiries and quickly implement any new essential requirements which ensures their child is safe and cared for throughout the school day. The children also need to bring the following everyday to school:

  • A cap – To protect the children from the sun.
  • A water bottle – To help keep the children dehydrated.
  • Library/Reading books – To enable the teacher to read with the children on a regular basis.