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What to bring to School

The Early Years Students need to bring their Home/School Books everyday to school. This is used primarily as a communication tool for parents and teachers. It should be checked on a daily basis by both parties and any comments should be read and replied to. This is a very valuable method of communication as it enables teachers to respond to parent enquiries and quickly implement any new essential requirements which ensures their child is safe and cared for throughout the school day. The children also need to bring the following everyday to school:

  • A cap – To protect the children from the sun.
  • A water bottle – To help keep the children dehydrated.
  • Library/Reading books – To enable the teacher to read with the children on a regular basis.
Primary Requirements Year
Pencil Case
1 - 6
Pencils HB
1 - 6
1 - 6
1 - 6
Set of Coloured Pencils
1 - 6
5 - 6
Whiteboard Pen
3 - 6
A combination padlock
5 - 6
Pen - black, ballpoint
Secondary Requirements
Pens (red, blue & black)
Coloured pencils
Felt tipped coloured pens
Scientific Calculator
USB memory stick
Bi-Lingual Dictionary/ translator (Optional)
Dictionary for MFL (compulsory)
Hardbacked folder (with dividing sleeves) for worksheets

Further requirements

Primary (Year 1 - 6)

The correct school uniform must be worn at all times including the correct school P.E. uniform during P.E lessons. All of the uniforms will be given to students once the tuition fee has been paid. If anything extra is needed, it can be purchased via the school office. Students wearing incorrect uniforms will not be allowed to attend classes until such time as they are wearing the correct uniform.

Flip flops/ sandals and open shoes are not allowed. Closed, black shoes must be worn for safety reasons. Students must not wear shoes in an alternative colour nor shoes with white soles or non-black detailing.

School cap
Please remember all students must bring a hat/cap to school daily. School caps can be purchased from the School Shop. We operate a ‘no cap, no play’ rule for safety reasons.

All new students will be given new copybooks when they enter the school which will be replaced once it has been fully used. When students continue to use the same copybook this helps to provide parents, teachers and the student with an ongoing record of standards of progression. This policy will also reduce paper wastage and therefore help the environment.

If copybooks are badly damaged or lost, the student responsible will purchase new copybooks from the school office. Copybooks of any type will be charged at 20,000VND each for each one lost or damaged.

School bag
Please check that your child has a bag that is small enough to fit into a locker and please remember that ‘wheelie’ type bags are not allowed at our school.

Lunch Money
A set school lunch consisting of a choice of Asian, Western or Vegetarian Dish, soup, salad, fruit and a drink are available. Other snacks and drinks are available priced separately. The canteen is open between 8.00 and 8.25 each morning, at mid-morning break and lunch time. If students wish to purchase snacks(only KS2), they can use their identification card in the canteen. When topping up their card, there is a 100,000VND minimum.

** The ABCIS cannot accept responsibility for the personal loss of property of any student.