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About Us
Established in 1995, the ABC International School is a continually growing multi-national, non-denominational day school for both first and second language English speaking students. Providing education for 2-18 year old pupils, the school offers instruction that aligns with the National Curriculum of England. All teaching is through the medium of the English language. Careful adaptations of the curriculum model ensures appropriate recognition of the schools Vietnamese operational context but at the same time, the public examinations undertaken (IGCSEs & International AS/A levels from the Cambridge and AQA examination boards) have outstanding international credibility. The school population comprises students of twenty three different nationalities, providing a rich cultural diversity of which it is proud. The highly experienced, fully qualified teaching faculty are currently recruited from the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, China and France to name but a few. From August 2020 there will be 75 overseas teachers employed at the school. The number of students registered at the ABC International School is in excess of 790


Our 2023-2024 Staff

Members of the teaching faculty and administrative support teams have all undergone a highly competitive, rigorous selection procedure. As a result, the school and its students benefit from the expertise and guidance of teachers and support staff who are  highly qualified in their respective fields and have the essential domestic and global experience. All are characterised by their high levels of motivation, passion for education and belief that the students social, emotional and academic development are all vital for future success.