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A decision on the admission of a student into The ABC International School takes place following entrance assessments and interview with a member of the Senior Management Team. Interviews need to be arranged in advance, through the office administration. Certain documentation needs to be presented to the school before an interview can take place. The purpose of the interview is to ascertain the educational ability, aptitude, level of English and experience across a variety of curriculum areas of a prospective student. A candidate will be accepted as a student if the interviewer’s judgment is that the candidate will successfully access all areas of the curriculum and thrive educationally and socially. If a particular class is full, a student’s name may be entered onto a waiting list and parents informed accordingly if places become available.

If a student is successful in securing an interview, the parent/guardian of the student is required at the interview to answer any arising questions and complete an admission form; a declaration accepting all school rules, regulations and policies must also be signed. After the offer of a place is made, parents/guardians have one week to complete all necessary documentation and fee payments. Failure to meet this deadline may results in the place being offered to another student.

Please provide the following to request for an admission interview:  
  • Completed Application Form
  • The most recent school report 
  • A copy of passport of a student / or a copy of birth certificate (Vietnamese National only)
  • 1  Student Photo
After a placement offer has been made, following documents are required:
  • Completed Home School Agreement
  • Completed Internet and Mobile Usage Agreement
  • Vaccination Record
  • A School Bus Liability Form (optional)
  • Modern Foreign Language Option Form (KS3 only)
  • IGCSE/A Level Option Form (Year 10 and above)
  • Code of Transportation Form (Secondary Only)

A student is placed in a year group based primarily on age however a number of other criteria may be taken into account including previous educational experience, maturity, English language ability.

The school does not provide Special Educational Needs support for students with learning difficulties. Children with demonstrable Special Educational Needs will be considered on an individual basis and based on whether the school is equipped to support the student. The management’s decision on admission will be final.

Parents accept, as part of the admissions process, that they will send their child on the annual school trip. When parents complete the registration process as outlined above, this indicates that they both accept and support all rules, regulations and policies put in place by the management of the school to protect the welfare and safety of students. Students are thereafter bound to accept all the rules, regulations and policies of the school and be a positive ambassador for the school both inside and outside of school.

The ABC International School reserves the right to immediately cancel the registration of any student who neglects to follow any of these rules, regulations or polices. We accept no liability where students endanger either themselves or others as a result of failing to follow the rules, regulations or policies