We have a uniform which all students must wear. The requirements of uniform style vary according to age.  In general, students in the Primary school wear green shorts/skirt and a white polo shirt while Secondary students wear green shorts/trousers/skirt and a white polo shirt. Students in Years 12 and 13 are required to wear a white shirt and black, formal beige trousers/skirt. We have designed the uniform with comfort in mind, taking into account the tropical climate of Southern Vietnam. Separate uniforms for PE and swimming are also compulsory.

Students attending the ABC International School are not permitted to wear jewellery or make up. These act as an unnecessary distraction in schools and many forms of jewellery can also be safety hazards. Students are only permitted to wear stud earrings. No other earrings, rings, bracelets, neck chains, necklaces, friendship bands or any other accessory that may be defined as jewellery are allowed.

Please see here what uniforms are included in the tuition fees.

Uniform Fees

Girls Dress130,000VNDS-M-L
Girls Skort120,000VND2-12
Boys Shorts120,000VND2-10
ABCIS T-Shirt100,000VND2-12
PE Set200,000VND2-10
School Hat60,000VNDS-M-L

SwimsuitSwim CapsSwimming Bag
Size 0-4Size 5-11One SizeYellow/Green/Red/Blue

  • Football Socks (One size) - 80,000VND
  • House T-Shirts -100,000VND
  • Beige Fabric (6th. Form):
  • Trousers (130cm) - 150,000VND
  • Dress (60cm) - 90,000VND
  • Extra Fabric + 10 cm - 15,000VND
  • ABCIS Logo - 5,000VND
  • All students must bring a hat to school to be worn during play-time. School caps can be purchased for 50 000 VND.
  • Students from Nursery to Year 4 will need a bag for their reading books. Bags can be purchased from school for 70 000 VND.