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Core Subjects

At The ABC International School, our core curriculum comprises the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Computing. Within these subjects we rigorously track and assess student attainment and progress each year against expectations of the English National Curriculum. These subjects are the building blocks of long lasting educational success in secondary school and beyond.

In English lessons, children focus on speaking, listening,  reading and writing for pleasure. Our students are immersed in language-rich environments and use existing texts and language to develop their own skills and compositions. Within Mathematics lessons, students are encouraged to explore their growing abilities across the many areas with a strong emphasis on discussing their methods and applying their skills to real life contexts. During Science lessons, Our students are encouraged to critically think about the positive and negative effects of scientific advancements and environmental change on all living things. Our Computing lessons encourage children to use a range of hardware and software packages with confidence and for a specific purpose. A key aspect of the new curriculum will be to also understand how these programs and machines work.